IMPORTANT DATES: 11/14 Closing at 7pm & Closed on 11/15 • Closed for Thanksgiving 11/22 - 12/1



The Latino Culture is wide and varied, and we try to do our best to show case this with our food. On our menu you will find dishes from many different parts of the Latin world. We have dishes from Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and of course Mexico. The soup offerings are also from somewhere in the Latin world. We will run specials at different times that also be from other regions in the Latin world, which also could include the Hispanic community here in the USA. Be sure to ask if there are any specialty items today.



What a great little gem in Old Louisville!
Intimate, brightly decorated, fun ambiance!

The owner waited on us and is one of the nicest and most welcoming people I've met!!!

The food...holy moley!!!!
I had the ropa viejo with a side of vegetarian black beans. This is one of the most delicious meals I've eaten!
My husband ordered the Cuban sandwich (which I had to try, of course) and it was also perfectly scrumptious!

Do yourselves a here!


I am a Puerto Rican lady in the neighborhood and I really want to let Louisville know that the love and sincerity that goes into the food here are absolutely incredible. I love talking to the staff and feeling the warmth as if I was in my grandmother's kitchen. Although Hispanic cuisines are very different, I am nostalgic through almost every bite of whatever I order. This place is solid and an important establishment in this town. I absolutely love this sweet little place packed with love and love only! Oh, and seasoning. The best seasonings. 5 freaking stars!!


This is definitely a hidden gem in Old Louisville! The food was really good. I had the carne asado and the pollo de vacaciones to-go for lunch the next day. Both entrees come with black beans and white rice. The steak had a great flavor-you can taste the the marinade that it was soaked in. The chicken was equally good and flavorful (I snuck a taste before lunch). I also left with some plantains that were soaked in a sauce full goodness (a brandy infuses sauce of some sort). Overall the food was great and the prices are cheap. I'll be back again soon. They also cater so I'm hoping to get some events at work catered.

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